Agbada for men

Why Agbada For Men Is Competing With The Kaftan


The high rate of fashion in the men’s garments industry is proven by the fact that there are some new trends every year. In addition, keeping up with the current fashion trends is equally important for men. By looking at the latest fashion trends, a man can get the most innovative, and most up-to-date clothing styles that are all fashionable.

Two of the most exciting and preferred fashion wear by men especially in Africa are the Agbada and Kaftan. They have become a fashion statement and in some countries; they have become a culture. Very interestingly, Agbada is competing with the kaftan and this article has more to tell you.

  1. It is preferable for a cold weather

Both the Agbada and Kaftan are great men’s clothing that can keep you warm in cold weather. But for the people who are not satisfied with the kind of warmth Kaftan provides can go in for the Agbada. The weather may be too cold for a person hence the need for a larger piece of clothing. The Agbada for men outfit is large enough to withstand the crazy cold harmattan.

  1. Different Pieces of clothing

Unlike the Kaftan with is usually a two-piece thing and sometimes a hat to make it three, the Agbada for men is usually a three-piece four-piece of clothing consisting of a trouser, inner long sleeves, a larger outer robe, and often a hat. This is a reason why Agbada is competing with the kaftan. The people who love kaftan may tend to choose agbada because, in the end, they will get an extra piece of clothing.

  1. Diversity

A unique piece of clothing is one that can be worn diversely and that is just what the agbada is. When you take off the larger outer robe of the agbada you get a kaftan. So whatever mood you are in you can either rock the agbada with the outer robe or just the remaining kaftan.

Say, you have to attend two events on the same day but want to look different without carrying extra clothes with you, you can wear the full agbada for one event and wear for the other event with the outer robe. Better still, you can either rock the trouser with a different shirt or wear the kaftan shirt with a different trouser.

  1. A high status

Years ago and even in recent times, the agbada determines a person’s status in society. When people wear agbada, especially to weddings or engagements, people assume they are the richest in the gathering. It gives men a bold, confidence, and rich look.

You can never go wrong with the agbada wear because it gives you a peculiar vibe. Be bold, be confident, and look handsome when you rock an agbada for men from Dee’s Kloddin. So, if you’re looking to make a statement, be sure to check out the latest kaftan styles.


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