How should I dress for Agbada

How Should I Dress For Agbada?

Agbada has been a staple in men’s fashion for centuries, and it’s no surprise that it’s still going strong in recent times. The latest Agbada styles are all about making a statement, and men are rushing to get their hands on the latest looks. From bold prints to embellished details, there’s an Agbada style for everyone.

And with the warmer weather on the horizon, there’s no better time to rock a kaftan than now. The question people ask often is, how should I dress for Agbada? Usually, people mismatch the Agbada dress by wearing what they are not supposed to wear or not wearing what they are supposed to. We love kaftans and we love to see people wear them right, so we have put together a few relevant tips.

An Agbada is a three-piece outfit consisting of a long sleeve, a trouser, and a large outer attire. People have been wearing it since the 1980s, and due to recent fashion trends, people are not wearing it right. If you’re thinking, “How should I dress for Agbada” here are a few tips:

  1. Right Length and Size

First of all, it is very important to wear it in the right size and length. The trouser is supposed to end at your ankle, hence allowing it to rest on the shoe. It shouldn’t be too short or too long to reach the goal. The trousers should not be a skinny fit; they should be a bit loose, as well as the inner shirt and large outward wear.

  1. Right Kind of Wristwatch

How should I dress for Agbada? It is very common for people to wear wristwatches to match their outfits. It makes them look classy and elegant. But the problem is the type of wristwatch to wear. Due to the different Agbada fabric colors, people try to wear sports watches because they also come in different colors just to give it a combination.

That is totally unacceptable and a huge fashion crime. The Agbada is best worn with a leather wristwatch or stainless-steel wristwatch.

  1. Right Shoes

The kind of shoe you wear with your Agbada is as important as the Agbada itself. We tend to see people wearing Agbada with sneakers, sports shoes, canvas, lace-up shoes, etc. Preferably, you should wear an Agbada with loafers, boat shoes, etc.

It is also not advisable to wear them with socks, but if you decide to wear them with socks, go for those half-socks since those ones are invisible as they don’t reach the ankle.

  1. Sandals for casual

In the absence of the above-mentioned shoes, you can still wear your Agbada with leather sandals. You may be looking for something a bit more casual. You can wear not just any type of sandal, but leather sandals. Don’t wear flip-flops or bathroom or bedroom slippers. You may consider leather slippers if and only if you’re going somewhere casual. Don’t be caught in public wearing a flip-flop.

Still thinking, “How should I dress for Agbada?” People don’t usually say it out loud when they see the wrong Agbada dressing; they whisper to others or laugh to themselves. If you’re wearing the elegant Agbada, you should wear it right.

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